Technology Strategy Board: Highlights 2012

This was our second time working with the Technology Strategy Board on their annual review project. It was an exciting and refreshing prospect to be working on essentially the same project, with the same people involved both here at Pixillion and at the Technology Strategy Board. How often do you actually get to work on something, effectively with hindsight?

The brief was to avoid the usual dry 'report' type of reviews. We needed to try and serve up something innovative and engaging to a time-short, and increasingly mobile audience. The brief stipulated that we set aside some budget for video 'or similar' assets. We decided to turn this on it's head and put video at the heart of the entire project.

As we enter a golden age of bandwidth, mobile connectivity, and device sophistication – coupled with a time short and an often 'bored' audience – video is increasingly becoming the preferred method for digesting content.

We designed and developed a heavily video-driven, responsive website for the annual review. It focused around five distinct 'highlights' picked from the various projects the Technology Strategy Board has done in 2012.

The six films (five highlights plus an introduction) were produced, directed, shot and edited by Pixillion across multiple locations in the UK. A gruelling schedule saw us in Bristol, Swindon, London, Liverpool, Glasgow and Exeter; filming such diverse subjects such as advanced manufacturing processes, materials forming, technologically assisted living, low carbon vehicles and mobile app development.

Our responsively designed site serves up a largely video-driven, full-screen experience on the big screen, while serving up a quick and efficient, easy to browse mini-site on the smart phone. Videos are still available on the mobile, but bandwidth is respected and videos are given a more equal weighting to the text versions.

Despite the heavy bias to online, and in particular video, a print companion was also deemed necessary to cover of certain key audiences. The brief was to not produce another annual review brochure, and instead produce something more akin to a high-end technology magazine such as Wired.

Video and the web was still at the core of things with special features in the magazine tying in with the web content and offering up QR codes which launch the video showcases on your video enabled smartphone or tablet.

From the 2013 Media Innovation Awards Jury report

"Pixillion scooped the Web award for a website for the Technology Strategy Board. Their website was a heavily video-driven responsive website which highlighted projects completed in 2012. The site serves up a full-screen experience on the big screen while offering a quick and easy to browse mini-site for smart phone users. The judges thought that it was a well-thought-out responsive theme with a smooth interface that was intuitive to use with great use of web video."

Annual review and showcase for the Technology Strategy Board. Web, Video and Print.

.Net Magazine June 2013 Gallery/CMS feature

Gold (Award of Excellence) at the 2013 Annual Communicator Awards (Government Category).

Gold (Award of Excellence) at the 2013 Annual W3 Awards (Government Category).

November 2013: Winner of "Most Innovative Website" at the 2013 Media Innovation Awards