Moving images - our video reel

2012 was definitely a year where a large focus of our work ended up being in video production. From a 10 day on-location shoot; to a single day studio production with an actor; to interviews around the UK; and sports documentary coverage in remote parts of Wales over 36 hours in one go; it’s been quite varied too. During a couple of months, it started to feel like we were a dedicated video production agency.

Video is certainly a passion of ours and an increasing number of our website projects have an end result that’s largely video driven. It’s great for us because we enjoy it, but it’s something that sets us apart too we think.

Despite what it says above the door, at Pixillion we don’t just consider ourselves a digital design and production agency. Perhaps it stems from our love of film in general, but we try to put an emphasis on storytelling in everything we do. Afterall, great brands are about clever and skillful storytelling. And so with our video projects, we’re not content to just rock up with some nice cameras and wave them around a bit. We want to find the different angle and step up to the more challenging brief. We’ve adopted the simple motto, “show, not tell”. Telling is easy to achieve and boring, people like to be shown interesting things.

We’ve always had a rule of reinvesting 10% of video budgets back into kit, which meant that over the year we’ve built up quite a strong, but very mobile setup. All based around our Canon DSLRs (5D Mark II and 550D), with a set of prime and telephoto lenses, a shoulder mount, LED panel lights, radio mics, a sound recorder, tripods and filters, enabling us to work completely independently with equipment that we now know inside and out.

For the first time, we’ve actually been in a position, with enough breadth and depth in our video work, to actually put together a showreel. The following includes footage spanning from 2007 (shot on DV in standard definition) all the way up until December 2012 (DSLR, in high definition).

We hope you enjoy it!

Telling stories. Reel of selected video work. 2007-2012.