We achieve RAR Recommended Status

At Pixillion we're always aiming to exceed our client's expecations. Afterall, there's no better advertising than recommendations from satisfied clients. Exceeding expectations makes it more likely that you'll to be recommended time and time again, and making it as a RAR (Recommended Agency Register) member with 'Recommended Status' is confirmation of exactly that. The process required us to ask our clients to rate us through RAR's website and we're proud to say that we got the feedback we needed.

RAR offers consultancy services and online resources to help marketing professionals source and select the right agencies.

29 October 2013: Update - 'Recommended Status' extended to October 2014.

Our clients rated us highly and we've achieved RAR (Recommended Agency Register) Recommended Status!



Posted by — Remco Merbis

November, 2012