The Work Cycle reboot

It's hard to believe The Work Cycle has been going a year already! We've learned a lot in that time and as well as being overwhelmed by the positive feedback, we've also spotted a few nagging tweaks and enhancements that needed to be made. There was also an unexpected sense of community that naturally built itself up around The Work Cycle and it was something we were both proud of and keen to engage further with.

So as a result, we're also proud to announce The Work Cycle blog! We're very passionate about cycling to work, both as a social and environmental choice, but also a cultural and lifestyle one. Basically cycling to work rocks, and The Work Cycle blog is just the next step in our little project to promote and advocate it. And hopefully save the world of course!

We've added a lot of functionality to the main Showcases. You can now view showcases alphabetically and chronologically, and if you'd rather have a grid view than rows, we've develoepd that too!

We wanted to create a magaziney, editorial type feel with the blog. It's responsive of course and we're really pleased with the clean layout and design. 

So head on over and check out the new blog now!

The Work Cycle enters phase 2 with some exciting new features. 

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Posted by — Gary Lake

September, 2012