On Direct web adverts video shoot

A series of shots (close, medium and wide) of a man wearing a sharp White Suit and an open necked white shirt, moving around in a total white and silent world.

The man is very calm, confident, and at ease. This is HIS space. His world. He is the CEO, the Boss. And he is in total control - EVERYTHING is just fine.

(His actions will not be what we are expecting. We will be intrigued by him. Who is this man? What IS he doing? We will have to click to find out more. And when we do...).

The Man in the White Suit beckons the viewer closer. He raises a forefinger to his lips.

On Direct Business Services web adverts video

This is how the script for our latest commission by On Direct Business Services starts, which was the result of many caffeine-fueled brainstorm sessions after we were asked to produce follow-ups to the stop-motion mural piece we did earlier this year. Not wanting to do another “doodle video” – they seem to have become a commodity very rapidly – we opted to go for live action with hand-drawn and CG elements added in post.


Producer and director: Remco Merbis
Script and co-director: David Bull
Camera: Gary Lake
Sound: Remco Merbis
Runner: Shazmin Jagot
Post production: Saul Freed, Huw Davies and Remco Merbis
Project management: Elena Goodrum
Jason Bailey

Watch the videos here: https://vimeo.com/pixillion/videos

Jason Bailey


Filming Jason

Dave and Shazmin

Gary gets the shot

Behind the scenes of the On Direct Business Services web adverts video shoot.


Posted by — Remco Merbis

August, 2012