Who cares, wins

We're fanatical about design. We will always put the value of meaningful and enduring interactive experiences above and beyond anything else.

As technology advances, brands will continue to adapt and embrace the challenge this brings – those that act first usually reap the biggest rewards. We love to work with brave clients with even braver briefs. And for brands to leap out from this busy world we live in requires bold design decisions, and of course, brilliant ideas. That’s where we come in; taking brands to a different level and creating worlds where only great things happen.

Exceed expectations

Is it a good idea? Or a great idea? Good, is quite simply never good enough. And while good is accepted and absorbed, great becomes memorable. Great is what people talk about.

It's in our DNA to challenge the creative brief and explore uncharted digital waters. Our award-winning team have a habit of going above and beyond the call of duty, all in the pursuit of ‘great’. No matter what the challenge is, we always apply the same design due diligence…

Our well honed methodology is driven by the desire to deliver online experiences that will engage the user with your brand. Whether that delivery is through mobile, film, music, animation, advertising, a tweet or time travel – we deliver.

Our trail of successful stories span more than 13 years. While we're proud of our past, we're even more inspired by the experiences we’ve yet to create.

Collective thinking

When briefs require certain specifics we collide with brilliant minds. To deliver the best, we work with only the best; from copywriters to animators, directors to social media specialists. We have friends all over the world who we regularly collaborate with creatively.

Stay humble

Here at Pixillion, there are no big egos or crazy makers. We're just a down-to-earth, friendly team who care about designing and producing great work. We hope you like the sound of this, as we look forward to saying 'hello' and working with you on your next digital adventure.

Let us help shape the next conversation you have with your audience.